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When I became a new mom, a friend dropped off a gift basket full of snacks and little self-care goodies to encourage me to not neglect my own needs in those first few crazy weeks. In such a hormonal, sleep-deprived time, it was a true kindness I will never forget. In the time of COVID-19, when new moms are feeling even more isolated, these kindnesses may go a long way. Fellow CMM contributor Kara put together a great list of essentials for the first few weeks. Here are a few more gift ideas for the new moms in your life to show you are thinking of them from afar.

Gift Ideas for New Moms

A “No Touching” Tag for the Car Seat

A favorite of careful moms for years, this is a small sign that hangs off the car seat handle to discourage others from touching baby. The messages range from polite (“Please don’t touch.”) to downright sassy (“STOP. I bite.”).

A Baby Carrier

One of the best ways to discourage unwanted baby touching from others, and a great way to calm a fussy baby, is to keep baby close to mom in a baby carrier. Maybe you even have a carrier or two you could pass down to mom, with an offer for lessons via Facetime on how to wear it.


Mom and baby may be enjoying some fresh air on neighborhood walks or while entertaining visitors safely outside. A great pair of stylish but indestructible sunglasses (check out Goodr) are a great gift for Mom to protect her eyes and to hide the dark circles she might be rocking. If she’d be into it, consider getting baby a matching pair from a company like Babiators or Roshambo Baby.

Comfy Lounge Clothes

Most new moms spend a lot of time at home. That’s even more true for moms who are social distancing, so treat her to some comfy clothes. Some moms swear by pajama shorts, while others praise the rise of the modern housedress for totally avoiding waistlines. Consider something in a super soft and breathable fabric, like modal cotton.

Hand Lotion

Momma is going to be washing and sanitizing her hands…a lot. Treat her to a tube of super rich hand lotion to help repair her hands.

Face Masks

By now, we’re all used to carrying a face mask with us, but mom may want some extras for herself, or for relatives who come for physically distant visits. Why not support a local Central Mass business when you buy them?

Some Little Luxuries

Maybe it’s the expensive lip balm you know she loves, a few rejuvenating sheet masks, or some lavender Epsom salts. Throw in something that will help her take a minute for herself.

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