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Postpartum Supplies | Central Mass MomHave you ever startled yourself awake after a night of dicey newborn sleep with a vague recollection of ordering a bunch of random items on Amazon? Your nipples are sore, your bottom hurts, you’re still terrified of pooping, and you only have one leftover overnight pad from your pre-pregnancy days. At 2 AM, by the blue light of your phone you ambitiously “added to cart” before drifting off into a hazy 90-minute sleep tiding you over until your next night feeding.

Was it all a dream?

You check your Amazon app.

You did, in fact, add to cart, BUT you never placed the order, and now you have to decide whether it is worth it to drag your fresh postpartum self to Target for necessities, or take the gamble and wait for prime shipping.

Why didn’t anyone tell you that you wouldn’t be the only one wearing the diapers?

What you would give to have a stash of pads and Motrin in your closet rather than cute baby clothes your little one won’t even fit in for another 9 months.

It’s time to start focusing more on momma when we visit new moms and attend baby showers. Since I had my first baby, I no longer buy gifts for the baby when I attend a friend or relative’s shower or sprinkle. I used to be a strict “buy off the registry” kind of gal; but the thing is, new moms are practically clueless when building their registries and don’t know what they’ll actually need in those first few postpartum weeks.  We focus so much on setting up the perfect nursery and choosing the perfect gear for our babies that we neglect all the things that Mom is going to need.

So be a true friend and gift your new momma bestie some stool softener, because that, my dear girl, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Here is my guide for giving the ultimate New Mom Essentials Package:

  • Insulated Water Bottle with Straw:: To help with the thirst that hits Mom out of nowhere while breastfeeding.
  • One-Handed snacks:: Like the thirst that hits like a ton of bricks during breastfeeding, hunger can be the same way. A one-handed snack is perfect for eating while nursing.
  • Stool Softener:: Mom’s organs have been squished and moved and are getting back into post-pregnancy positioning and regulation. Digestion can be a little funky at first after baby, especially if she’s had a C-Section. She’ll be happy to have some help in that department. Trust me.
  • Ibuprofen:: Some moms, like me, don’t like “taking things.” However, taking ibuprofen for at least the first week will help to stay ahead of the soreness and pain. 
  • Nipple Balm:: Some babies latch on perfectly from the get-go. That has not been my experience. If Mom is planning on breastfeeding, this is new for everyone involved. Both Mom and Baby are learning together and sore nipples are likely on the horizon.  Nipple balm can help with soothing the soreness and reducing any cracking or bleeding from getting worse. 
  • Perineal Balm and/or Spray:: The lady bits are going to be sore for a bit. This cooling balm and spray can feel amazing on healing tissues. I personally preferred the feel of the balm, but the spray or foam may work better for some moms.
  • Witch Hazel Pads:: Like the perineal balm, these will help with perineal healing.
  • Cozy Nursing Bra:: This will allow for easy access to the goods.
  • Chocolate:: Because, chocolate. I mean does there have to be a reason?
  • BaoBei Bloomers:: Physically, after baby, moms can feel a little disconnected to their bodies. The space that was once occupied by a baby is now shifting and moving into it’s post-baby place, and with that, some moms feel unsupported in their abdomen. These bloomers provide gentle support to the pelvic floor and abdomen and I recommend them to all new moms over a girdle or belly band type of product. They also are great for belly support during pregnancy!
  • Lactation Tea:: This pomegranate tea is my favorite. I couldn’t get enough when I was breastfeeding my daughter.
  • Overnight Pads and/or Adult Diapers:: These are essential for dealing with postpartum bleeding. I prefer using the diapers because less fiddling around with a pad, the better!
  • Nursing Pads:: Regardless of whether Mom is planning on breastfeeding or not, there is going to be some leakage involved. Leaking through your shirt is not super fun so having some nursing pads on hand is great!
  • Deodorant:: Oh, the postpartum sweats. After both my babies I would wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. The hormonal shifts are real, people!
  • Haakaa Breast Pump:: This hands-free pump suctions to Mom’s breast and will catch any letdown or drips that are bound to happen while the baby is latched on the other side. No drop left behind!
  • Calming Essential Oil Roller:: For those moments when she feels like she smells like spit-up and newborn poops, a nice roller can help lift up a new mom’s spirits. All of the oils in this particular blend are breastfeeding safe. (Note: Never use oils on a newborn.)
  • Scrunchie:: Mom will want to keep those flowing locks out of range of spit up and poopie diapers.
  • A Heartfelt Note of Love and Support:: Let momma know that she is not alone. Pick a favorite quote or share a moment in the past where she has displayed strength that she can call upon during the hard moments.

Pick some of your faves from this list, or go in with a friend and put together a rockin’ package for the new mom in your life. Are you an expecting mother? Consider foregoing the 42 receiving blankets you think you need (spoiler alert- you don’t) and add some of these items to your registry instead!

What postpartum supplies would you add to this list?

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Kara is a Perinatal Fitness Specialist and Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach.  A momma of two amazing littles, lover of the beach, former college athlete who has never met a pizza she didn’t like. She lives in Central Massachusetts with her husband, 2 kids, 2 crazy dogs, 5 chickens, and a beta fish named Nemo 2.0. Through her online and one on one coaching, Kara helps women find joy in motherhood through movement using rehabilitative and corrective exercise strategies. She is on a mission to dispel myths that leave women fearful of movement and empower women with knowledge and confidence to help them better navigate their new role as a mother. Kara thinks all problems can be solved with either a chocolate chip cookie or the ocean, and loves checking out local small shops and breweries. Her favorite type of movement right now is hiking with her dogs and is grateful to be surrounded by so much natural beauty here in New England. 


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