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We’re glad you’re here.

In a time when knocking on your neighbor’s door is unheard of, Central Mass Mom is here to help you build the connection you need through your motherhood journey.

On this site, you’ll find stories and advice written by fellow Central Mass moms. You’ll find comprehensive guides pointing you in the direction of local businesses and resources. You’ll find community through engagement on our website and social media pages. We’ll also take that sense of community offline and bring you all kinds of events – both family-friendly and moms-only.

Consider visiting Central Mass Mom your virtual knock on the door. Although we can’t feasibly lend you a cup of flour, we are here for you in all other ways.

We hope you take some time to poke around the site. Save it to your favorites. Sign up for the newsletter. Share with all of your mom friends. As with all things motherhood-related, this is a work in progress and will continue to evolve to meet whatever needs arise in our Central Mass community.

We’re thrilled to be on this motherhood journey with you! We’re all in this together, mamas!

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Kelly is the Founder and Owner of Central Mass Mom. She was born and raised in Central Mass before spending her mid-20s experiencing other parts of the country with high school sweetheart husband, Mike. Since settling back in MA in 2017, Kelly has been a stay-at-home-mom to Shelby (2017), Blake (2019), and their 7yr old mutt, Bella (whose life was way more fun pre-kids). She loves spending time on the water or a restaurant patio with friends, family, and a glass (or two) of chardonnay. She fully embraces the good and bad of motherhood and believes that if you don't laugh, you'll cry. Kelly thinks splash pads are the greatest invention since spill-proof cups and bottom-zip PJs. She loves connecting with other moms and is thrilled to be raising her family here in Central Mass.


  1. Kelly! Thank you for setting this up! I will be using this since I am out of practice and will need help with my new grandchild soon!


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