Not-So-New Mom Group at Jam Time!


Mom Group

Feeling like you missed the boat on joining a new moms group when your babies were tiny? New to town? Or maybe just want to add a few more moms to your tribe?

This is the mom group you’ve been waiting for!

This 8 week group is designed for moms who want to connect with other moms in their community, for support, validation, guidance and just enjoy each others company. It takes time to build those connections, so we have intentionally designed this as an 8 week block rather than a drop-in group.

The best part is – you don’t have to figure out what to do with your kids in order to come! Bring them along and let them burn off some energy at Jam Time while the moms talk. This group is best suited for moms with kids walking to pre-kindergarten. Younger siblings are also welcome 🙂

About Jam Time!

Jam Time is a premier children’s indoor playground. It offers state-of-the-art climbing structures, play houses, a bouncy house, play tables, kiddie gym equipment and infant + toddler soft play toys among many other activities unique to their center.

Jam Time is open to the public 7 days a week for open play and does not require a membership. They also host special events! So be sure to visit their calendar page for what’s upcoming.

They offer a clean, safe, play space where families can come throughout the year and always be guaranteed a jammin’ good time!

Jam Time has a cafe area, where moms and kids can enjoy snacks throughout the playtime.

About the Group!

The group is facilitated by Annie O’Malley, owner of Central Mass Mom. It is a judgement free space where moms can ask questions, share personal wins, commiserate, or just chat. There will be a brief structured check-in at the beginning of each session, and then a chance to break out and chat with one another.

Beyond Mom Group

There will also be a private Facebook group where attendees can post questions or comments in between sessions. Informal meet ups will also be posted to the Facebook group throughout the 8 week session. Once the in-person group is over, the Facebook group will remain as a platform for the group to communicate.

Indoor Play & Enrichment Center

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