Moms Night Out at Smashit2!


If you have been looking for a fun way to connect with other moms in your area, this event will be a smashing good time!…Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…

Join us for a well deserved Moms Night Out!

Leave the kids at home, come break some stuff, and meet other fun loving moms near you!

Participants will rotate in groups of four into one of two smash rooms for 20 minutes of destruction each. Each room will be set up with furniture as well as glass and bottles.

Smashit2 provides tables, baseball bats, thundersticks and sledgehammers. You will be able to Smash items on the table, in the air or on the ground. They also have black lights and glow in the dark paint!

Before and after your turn, there is a viewing room where onlookers can gather to ‘oh and ah’ at the mayhem. Central Mass Mom will provide some bites and (non-alcoholic) beverages for the viewing room.

After you’ve finished smashing, you are invited to sign your name on the ‘I Smashedit’ Wall!

This event is $25 per person and includes entry to the smash room.

About Smashit2!

Smashit2 is Worcester County’s only smash room! They provide a quick, fun way to relieve stress, whether you’re looking for a team-building event or just a night out with friends doing something a little different.

They offer a several packages from individual sessions to larger groups. Each package comes with it’s own selection of breakables and small, medium or large items, but you can add on extras like a microwave or TV, or more glass or bottles to any package.

Beginning May 13th, Smathit2 will host LADIES NIGHT on Friday nights where you can receive $15 off your package plus an extra item using promo code QUEEN!

Please be sure to wear closed toe footwear, long sleeves and long pants. Disposable jumpsuits are available for purchase for anyone who does not have long sleeves and long pants. All participants must sign a waiver upon arrival. Safety instructions must be followed. Participants must be at least 13 years old. Women who are pregnant are not permitted to participate in Smashit2 Room activities.

Friday Night is Ladies Night!

Beginning May 13th


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