10 Self-Care Tips This Fall


Fall is my favorite season of them all! I actually love all four seasons and have tried to deny it in the past, but I am a New England girl at heart, and Fall is my #1 for sure!

I know summer just ended and some of us may not be as excited about Fall as I am. Since seasonal changes can affect people in various ways, I want to take some time to talk about self-care. Self-care is so important for all of us, and when the season’s change and our natural circadian rhythm is disturbed, it can make things harder to handle in our day-to-day lives. Therefore, focusing on self-care becomes even more important than during other seasons.

Here are some fun, Fall self-care tips to help you navigate through the seasonal changes this year:

Bake some cookies!

That’s right. Dig out that old recipe with the torn edges and your grandma’s handwriting and get to baking. There is something peaceful and calming about cooking an age-old recipe in your very own kitchen…and then eating the cookies when you are done! Don’t have an old recipe? Ask a friend! I am sure someone has that one recipe they just love to share.

Jump in a pile of leaves!

Yes…adults can jump in leaf piles too! And, even better if you did not have to rake said leaf pile! Roll around, let the smell of the fallen leaves get tangled in your hair and feel the crunch under your feet. Crisp, Fall leaves can be so relaxing.

Carve a pumpkin!

Just like when you were little, carving a pumpkin can be challenging and so rewarding. Draw an intricate design and grab some fancy pumpkin carving tools, or a simple kitchen knife will do. Release all other stress in your life and focus on your pumpkin.

Go apple picking…alone!

Fill up that bag with all your favs and then eat the biggest one on your ride home. Bake some apple crisp or eat an apple a day. It is said to keep that doctor away (wink, wink).

Grab a fancy Fall-ish coffee

And feel ZERO guilt for it! (And while you are there, get a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg on your whipped cream. Thank me later!)

Take a road trip!

Map out a route that you know has some great foliage spots or just go where the road takes you. Blast your favorite tunes on the radio, roll down the window and let the Autumn air fill you up.

Create a “white space weekend” on your calendar

Never heard of white space? I hadn’t until recently, and the idea of it makes me SO excited! It is basically blocking off time in your schedule where you do NOTHING. Above all, no making lists, no plans, no laundry. It is a time for you to dedicate to a deeper reflection of your life. I am totally making some white space in my planner this month!

Curl up with a good book

As the weather gets cooler, I love breaking out my throw blankets (of which I have way too many!) and snuggling in a comfy chair with my blanket, a good book, and a cup of tea.

Plan a weekend getaway

To anywhere. Bring a book, some bubble bath, a bottle of wine…and do it up. You deserve it!

Invite some friends over for a marshmallow roast

Throw on your fire clothes (am I the only one who has fire clothes??), light up that kindling, and put some chairs around the fire pit. Call your BFF and sit around laughing and hanging out.

Hopefully, these ideas spark some interest and get you to see all the fun things you can do for self-care this fall. And if all else fails…just bury yourself with leaves in the backyard and call it a day.

Happy fall!


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