You’re Doing a Good Job, Even When It Doesn’t Feel Like It


mom comforting screaming childI was recently at a work event, a fundraising walk for a charity. I was working in the registration area and from across the venue I heard a child screaming and crying. The screams got louder and louder and soon the toddler and their mother came into view. No matter what the mother did, the child squirmed and screamed louder.

My heart went out to that mom, we’ve all been there.

Embarrassed, exhausted, annoyed, defeated. In the throws of a colossal tantrum and her diaper bag breaks, crushing the last of her spirit while the contents spills all over the floor.

I run over and help pick up the contents while the child doesn’t even notice what happened. I help her to the elevator and she thanks me, I say ‘not a problem, we’ve all been there’ and I tell her she’s doing a great job. She looks at me shocked, sighs and looks relieved and then thanks me. She exits the building, toddler still screaming.

To that mom, I know it didn’t feel like it, but you were (and are) doing a great job.

I know the stares and turning heads feel like daggers, but they’re really well meaning and no one is judging you. In the moment of a meltdown, thrown plate or misbehaving child, you feel like the worst parent and complete failure. But our kids are good kids and we are good parents.

The next time you see a family mid-tantrum or are in the middle of one with your child, take a deep breath and remind yourself you’re doing a great job. It’s okay to leave a party, end a play date, or take a break from an activity.

You do what’s best for you and your child, and sometimes that means knowing when to call it a day.

Everyone has off days and things can change in a few minutes. Give that kid (and yourself) a nap and a snack and it’s a clean slate. After some of my son’s toughest moments come the best laughs and sweetest snuggles. Parenthood is a constant roller coaster of high highs and low lows, but I wouldn’t trade those high highs for anything in the world.




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