Stop Waiting Until You’re Ready To Do What You Love


Almost two years ago, I became a certified yoga teacher. I was 8 months pregnant and quite possibly in the best shape of my life – physically and mentally. I was excited to take everything I had learned and begin teaching, but would have to—you know—have a baby first.

Fast forward through a cross-country move, new job and pandemic, and I found myself in the same position. Ready to teach but not doing it yet. What was holding me back?

Answer: Me.

I was waiting for the right time. The right opportunity. Right offer. Right studio. Right everything. Not once did I try to take fate into my own hands and create an experience fit for right now.

For months, I sat waiting for yoga studios to open so I could apply in person. That was the epitome of teaching for me. To get a studio spot.

When the world as we knew it came to a pause and everything turned virtual, I decided now was as good a time as ever to go for it. Try Zoom. Start small and be vulnerable. Hold the space and know that my tribe would come.

After a few weeks, it was amazing to see and feel the response. People showed up. The support was there. I felt appreciated and needed. All because I decided to show up for myself and just get started.

Starting doesn’t mean having it all figured out. It doesn’t mean perfection.

It means you have that fire inside. Passion. Eagerness. Readiness for whatever unfolds.

If that feeling’s there and tugging at you to do something about it; listen to it.

Don’t wait until you’re ready. You already are.

Feel free to visit me on Instagram @thegoodgetter for more on my yoga offerings.


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