Moms Night Out at Smashit2 Recap!


When I tell you we had a blast last Saturday night, I mean we had a BLAST. Central Mass Mom took over Smashit2 for some absolute mayhem! 17 fun loving moms signed up to let loose, meet some new friends and break some stuff! Smashit2 is the only smash room in Central Mass!

Before we got started smashing, we got a rundown of the do’s and don’t’s of the smash rooms from some knowledgeable and friendly staff members. They helped everyone get set up with the necessary safety gear and showed us the smash rooms. They gave us some great pointers and then stepped back to let the destruction unfold.

The smash rooms are lit with black lights and many of the bottles, TVs and furniture pieces were painted with neon spray paint. Watching bottles shatter into a thousand tiny pieces is cool, but when the shards glow orange, its just next level.

There was an area with benches outside of the smash rooms, for onlookers to watch from, and there was also a separate area with tables and chairs where we were able to bring food and drinks, and watch the smash rooms on a flat screen tv!

When I tell you they’ve thought of everything to make this experience truly unforgettable, I mean it. They even have a phone holder mounted to the wall in each smash room so you can record the whole experience!

About Smashit2

Smashit2 is Worcester County’s only smash room! They provide a quick, fun way to relieve stress, whether you’re looking for a team-building event or just a night out with friends doing something a little different.

They offer several packages from individual sessions to larger groups. Each package comes with it’s own selection of breakables and small, medium or large items, but you can add on extras like a microwave or TV, or more glass or bottles to any package.

Beginning May 13th, Smashit2 will host LADIES NIGHT on Friday nights where you can receive $15 off your package plus an extra item using promo code QUEEN!

Please be sure to wear closed toe footwear, long sleeves and long pants. Disposable jumpsuits are available for purchase for anyone who does not have long sleeves and long pants. All participants must sign a waiver upon arrival. Safety instructions must be followed. Participants must be at least 13 years old. Women who are pregnant are not permitted to participate in Smashit2 Room activities.

Friday Night is Ladies Night!

Beginning May 13th


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