Meditation Made Simple For Busy Parents


purple butterfly landing on a flower meditationA lot of people roll their eyes at meditation. They think it’s something they have to be “good” at or know a lot about in order to feel its positive effects on their body and mind.

That’s how I felt anyway, when I first sat in meditation for the first time many years ago.

How could someone with very little chill like me find the magic in meditation or stillness?

The thing is, anyone can practice meditation. At the end of the day, it’s an ongoing, ever-changing practice that at its core, is quite simple.

You sit comfortably in stillness (with or without music), and focus on your breath while training your attention and awareness to achieve some mental clarity and emotional calmness.

Focus on an object, sound or your breath—or even tune into a guided meditation where you’re prompted each step of the way. Whether you have five or twenty minutes, the practice will serve you, especially if you’re consistent with it. You may find you like moving meditations while taking a midday walk, or maybe you need a quick mindful moment in your car before an appointment. Meditating can take on many different forms. What’s awesome about it is that it’s always available to you.

Here are my tips for getting started with meditation:

  1. Set a calendar reminder each day and commit to it, just as you would a non-negotiable work meeting or important call.
  2. Remove all distractions. Turn your phone to silent. Go into a quiet space. Get comfortable.
  3. Accept how your practice changes day to day and be an observer of your own thoughts.
  4. Keep a journal of how you feel before and after.
  5. Be consistent. Just like new eating habits or exercise routines, consistency is really key. If you have a day where you forget or can’t find the time to meditate, accept what happened and get back on track the next day.

There are some great resources out there, like the Calm and Headspace apps that you can take literally anywhere. There’s also meditation music on Spotify and Apple Music if you’re into more instrumental tunes to set the mood. Try different options and see what works best for your own practice.

As always, go easy on yourself. Just like with anything new, meditating might feel intimidating or hard at first. You may find your thoughts swarming or that voice in your head perking up every time you want to quiet it down.

Stay consistent and open to your practice, and allow it to show you the way to a more mindful, kind way of living and being.

You don’t need to wait for a Monday to start something new. Start today.


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