Mama, I See You


Mama, I See You | Central Mass MomMama,

I see you.

I see you in the grocery store wrangling your crying kiddos.

I see you at the park trying to push one child on the swing while catching the other one coming down the slide.

I see you running out the front door to catch the school bus because you overslept…again.

I see you at the mall, looking at the designer Coach purse with twinkling eyes, and walking away.

I see you at the bank, depositing change so you can pay your phone bill.

I see you at the movies, playing referee between your kids because they want to watch different movies, but you are the only adult.

I see the pain in your eyes when you have to put an item back at Target because your card declined.

I see the defeat.

I see the darkness.

But do you know what else I see?

I see the love in your heart when the item you put back is that special mascara you really wanted, but your child really wanted that special toy that made them smile so big!

I see the determination in your mind when you play a referee to your children at the movies to make a memory for them both.

I see the dedication in your ability to save that change for paying your phone bill.

I see that twinkling in your eyes because you know one day soon you will HAVE that Coach purse.

I see the dedication to your child’s education as you run out to flag down that bus.

I see your balancing skills at keeping both children happy when you are at the park.

I see your love for giving your children nutritious meals at the grocery store.

Remember mama…

I see you.


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Carlee lives in Gardner with her husband of fifteen years, three of their eight children (ages 14-23) and five pets. She is a momma to three and step-momma to five, four boys and four girls with life experience raising a blended and biracial family in Central MA. When she is not wearing her mom hat, she is busy working on the three side business she loves that focuses on healthy living, essential oils, and nature! She started her own business, Peaceful Roots that focuses on providing nature-based learning opportunities to all ages with a concentration on our overall mental health. When Carlee is not at home with her family, you can find her hiking all over New England taking nature photos, reading a good book, gardening, or doing yoga with alpacas!



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