Making Memories in the Little Moments: Rainy Day Puddle Jumping


We were stuck inside for another day that seemed doomed for too much screen time. When my youngest really started to lose it screaming, “Outside! Outside”. I tried to explain to him that it was raining and we couldn’t go outside. After this constant back and forth, I hit the wall that everyone with toddlers knows too well.

I realized logic wasn’t going to win this argument. Letting go, I decided “what the heck, let’s do this”. I bundled him up in layers, put on his rain boots and his new raincoat (Bonus points for this coat being the cutest thing in the world, see pictures below), and braved the elements.

Honestly, I had prepared myself for him to instantly freak out about it being too cold and too wet for him, but that never happened. Within seconds, I realized this was the best possible way to spend a rainy day. I watched this cranky, bored toddler go from screaming and whiney to laughing and jumping from puddle to puddle. For more than an hour, we spent time together, trying to find the puddle with the biggest splash, and just exploring.

I write this because this day was special, but it was also just any other day. It is stuck in my head as one of my favorite moments, but it could have so easily not happened. As a parent, I feel like I am a constant source of “no”. Letting go of the idea of the mess and getting ready, I was able to have a special day enjoying the rain. When my gut tells me “not today”, “we are too busy”, or “UGH THE MESS”, I stop, take a beat and think about if this is one of those puddle jumping moments I could be missing out on.



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