Live Life on Your Own Terms and Leave Societal Pressure in the Dust


Live Life | Central Mass MomFlakey. Scattered. Radical. Neglectful. Intimidating. 

That is just a handful of adjectives that have been used to (negatively) describe me over the years. These comments came from people who I will call my “Fan Club”. Many would call them haters, but I believe these words were said out of misunderstanding because none of them are true. These “Fan Club” members make comments directly, or indirectly, about the choices that I make and the way I am choosing to live my life. Perhaps it is because I am making a concerted, intentional effort to live life on my terms. What is so negative about that?

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

This quote by George Eliot speaks to my soul. Sometime in the last year, I had a turning point, an enlightening if you will, that just because I am in my mid-30s doesn’t mean I can’t start new adventures. I also learned that I needed to start putting myself first to live my best life. It seems the moment I made this resolution to stop living according to society’s unrealistic standards, the universe opened up and shared with me a bounty of wisdom, energy, and determination. I began to open my eyes to all the possibilities that lie ahead instead of focusing on the mundane tasks that left me exhausted and barely functioning in survival mode. 

Making Changes

As I started to make small changes in how I was choosing to live my life, my “Fan Club” nearly always had something to say. When I decided to become a health coach, many assumed that it was to enhance my job as a registered nurse. Nope. A career as an RN does not fill my cup. Not even close. It actually dries out and cracks the damn cup! I made a promise to myself that I would not stay in a career that didn’t fill my soul and I am so close to keeping that promise. 

Let’s not forget about the comments my “Fan Club” made when they found out I joined a direct sales company. I got the lectures about “pyramid schemes” and that “no one makes money in those scams.” Insert eye roll. Joining direct sales was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It has pushed me to grow in ways that I never dreamed of. I am more confident, creative, and courageous than I ever imagined I could be! Oh, and my earnings from this side gig have nearly matched my nursing salary. 

Gaining Confidence & Learning New Things

I have also learned to become more confident in my abilities, and I thank my husband for pushing me in that arena. I am learning to use power tools, have plans to build a small farm with the family, and as crazy as it sounds, I will be racing BMX with the kids once tracks are fully reopened. Yard work is something that I thoroughly enjoy – mowing, landscaping, and trimming the hedges. I was recently asked why my husband doesn’t do it. It’s 2020 y’all – do I really need to explain that one? All of this fills my cup and raises my vibration level. 

I am passionate about health, wellness and prevention, moving your body daily, and listening to what your gut and the universe are trying to tell you. I’m a big believer in eating nourishing food as I would much rather pay the farmer now and not the doctor later. I’m not going to do something because that’s just the way it is and everyone is doing it. I will question it, research it, and form my own opinion on the matter. Just because everyone is falling in line doesn’t always mean its the best choice for me and my family. One of my “Fan Club” members commented, “Liz, you like to go against the grain.” If living life on my own terms is going against the grain, then yes, I certainly do!

Mindset is Everything

At this point, you’re probably thinking, So what does this have to do with me? 


If you are not happy or satisfied with a particular part of your life, only you can change it. You are responsible for your destiny. No one else. That’s a scary thought but when you make that unwavering decision to live life on your terms, you will never have felt so free.

Still not sure you can take that leap? Then ask yourself what’s more painful: Living your current life always wondering what could have been or taking a leap of faith toward a dream? If for some reason you take that leap of faith and the grass isn’t greener on the other side, I’m giving you a standing ovation for stepping out of your comfort zone. You grew as a person and learned something about yourself that you didn’t know prior to taking that leap. That is not a failure. That is growth. You will likely develop a “Fan Club” during this process but just let those comments roll off your back because you are doing something they don’t have the courage to do. 

I am challenging you to make a massive mindset shift.

First, you are never too old to start a new career. Want to learn a new hobby? Enroll in a class or start watching YouTube videos. Have you always wanted to write a blog but are afraid no one will read it? Write it anyway. Was your childhood dream to be a storm chaser? Move to the mid-West and start driving into tornados. Put on those big girl panties and enjoy the ride! 

It is not all rainbows and unicorns. You will have moments of doubt. You will have days where you want to throw your hands in the air and quit. I urge you to keep moving forward as a short term sacrifice is worth the long term gain. Write down this affirmation and repeat as frequently as needed:

I am.

I can.

I will.

I do.

Now get out there and live life on your terms. 


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