I Still Haven’t Slept a Full Night Since The Time Change


woman falling asleep on a desk next to an alarm clock because she haven't slept since the time change“I Still Haven’t Slept a Full Night Since The Time Change”. This is not only one of the biggest complaints for clients this time of year, it happens to my family too. Rolling the clocks back is as much a jolt to the system as moving them forward, but it can mess with the biological clock and your schedule.

The most important thing right now, is to get back to sleeping again. If you don’t fix it now, you can end up with worse sleep issues, especially with travelling and schedule disruptors that come with the impending holidays.

So what can you do about it?

Early Bedtimes Help but…

If your child (or yourself) is overtired by the time bedtime rolls around, head to bed early. But not too early. You don’t want to play into that old schedule. If you keep shifting bedtime an hour early, it’s like going back to the “old time”. You may also be tempted to shift naps earlier, especially if you are still having early wake ups. Try to avoid this! Shifting nap times earlier still plays into that old schedule too.

Try to stick to your ideal schedule and go by-the-clock. Staying strict to your schedule will enforce getting them back on track.

Get Outside

In New England, this can be easier said than done. This time of year it can be really cold, or it might be beautiful out. Even on the not so perfect days, it helps to get out in natural light and fresh air. This is especially helpful in the morning to help set the biological clock. Of course, this is when it tends to be colder out. If you are able to, bundle up and head outside for at least 30 minutes.

Be active

With the weather getting colder and potentially crumby, it’s hard to get outside to burn off all that energy. If you can’t spend too much time running and playing outside, find some active indoor games that challenge your child mentally and physically.

Avoid Sugar and TV

This plays into the sleep hygiene those sleep experts are always talking about. The sweet treats tend to come out this time of year, between Halloween candy, hot cocoa, and yummy holiday treats, it can be difficult to limit sugar intake. Try to keep the sweets to earlier in the day vs. after dinner.

TV and other blue light emitting devices can be very stimulating at night and make it difficult for some people to sleep. Try turning off the devices an hour or two before bedtime.

Still having a hard time?

There is always the possibility of something going on medically. Always double check with your pediatrician when there are sleep struggles, sometimes sleep disturbances are the only symptom that presents for some kids.

If you are already doing all this and your child is still having a hard time sleeping, it might be time to take a look at the schedule. Are they getting enough or too much overall sleep? Are they getting too much day time sleep? It could be time to cap or drop a nap or they might need a different bedtime.

Still unsure how to get your child to sleep? Drop a comment below and I will reach out!


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