Finding Purpose in Motherhood


There is no denying that motherhood is tough. I don’t think any of us could have predicted what motherhood would look like during a pandemic. The unpredictability of the last few years has been rough, and I have often found myself questioning my purpose.

No matter what season of motherhood you find yourself in, it is always a great reminder that you are not the only mama enduring a tough day, month, or year. You may feel alone in your circumstance, but rest assured there is always another mama that feels it too.

Finding Purpose in Motherhood

I often found myself repeating that nothing in life comes easy, even with the feelings that have taken up space in my heart. Feelings of imperfection, inadequacy, loneliness, and sadness. I felt robbed of what motherhood should have looked like, and my family has missed out on so many memories that should have been made. I feel anger when I think about the fact that my two youngest children didn’t get to have the experiences that my oldest two had at their ages.

In addition, to all those emotions, I feel like we all took on more responsibilities and the demands of motherhood were higher than ever. Stress and isolation made me second guess myself often, and doubt my strength in getting through the days. I found myself in this place quite often over the last few years.

My hope for all of us is that we find the time to find ourselves again. To find ways to bring joy and peace back into the long days that motherhood brings.

Motherhood is filled with tough days and circumstances – pandemic or not.

We were all called to motherhood for a purpose. Here are a few ways that can help each of us in finding purpose in motherhood again.

Find Community

The first thing we are going to do is find our sense of community again. To find our purpose again, we need to invest the time to find a group of people that we can share our story with and also find support when needed. The most amazing thing that has come out of this pandemic is the opportunity to meet with others virtually. There are so many options out there to connect with other for whatever need you have. Remember that humans are not built to survive without community.

Test Boundaries & Breakdown Walls

Do something that scares you. I will be honest with you, I did just this at the end of last year. I have always wanted to share my story on a blog for decades, but I was fearful I wasn’t good enough. Enter 2021 when I got this amazing opportunity to join these talented women here at CMM. As mothers, we often put our dreams on hold, but who says we can’t do both? Who says we can’t train for a marathon, study for a PhD, or start a new career? If it is going to make you happy, find a way to make it happen.

Invest in Relationships

All relationships require work. They take time and energy which are two things that mothers run very low on. What better way to start the year than to reconnect and intentionally make time for the people that matter most to you? In some cases, we are starting fresh, maybe because we moved during the pandemic, or our tribe has moved, so here are a few tips on how to find some new friends. Remember that having people in your corner that support you will always make you a happier person.

Sing & Dance in Moments of Stress

Blast your favorite song and get up and dance. Music and dancing are not only fun, but they can completely change your mindset. So when the toddler throws a fit and your to-do list is a million miles long, tell Alexa to put on your favorite song. Then turn it up, sing out loud, and dance. There is something so incredibly freeing about letting it all go through movement and song. I promise if you incorporate this into your daily routine, you will find yourself smiling more. Also, your kids will laugh at your dance moves from 2005!


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