Celebrate Mom Every Day, Not Just on Mother’s Day


child hugging her mom to celebrate her every dayMother’s Day can be…tricky. The movies make us think it will be a day of lavish brunches, beautiful flower bouquets, and heirloom quality macaroni necklaces. In my experience, it’s more likely to be a regular Sunday, plus an overpriced mimosa and a hastily made card. There can be a huge disconnect with what a mom wants and needs to feel appreciated, and what she actually gets on Mother’s Day. So what’s the solution?

Step 1: Plan a personalized Mother’s Day

There’s no perfect Mother’s Day like in the movies. But there’s a perfect for this mom Mother’s day. Does she want to spend all day with the family enjoying their company, or would she rather have a solo getaway? Does she love a fancy brunch, or is there nothing she’d hate more than waiting until 2pm to eat overpriced eggs? Does she want to be surprised with an expensive purse or jewelry, or is a big hug what she’s after? Put some thought into what she’d want, at least a few weeks before the big day.

If you’re not sure what she’d want, ask her, but don’t make her plan the day.

Step 2: Celebrate Mom every day

Disappointing Mother’s Days are common, but maybe it’s unfair to put so much pressure on one day. Moms do so much, all year long. Show your appreciation for her all year long. Don’t wait until May to get the kids to make her a handmade card. Gift her the book for her next book club meeting. Wash the dishes, even though it’s her turn. Make sure she regularly has the time and space to go out to eat with friends.  Do more than your fair share of diaper changes. Say “I see all the work you do and I appreciate you.” And don’t wait until Mother’s Day to do it.


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