The smell. The mess. The hair EVERYWHERE. Nagging the kids to keep the food and water dishes full. Having a dog was such a nuisance. In my eyes, it was more work - another mouth to feed which created...
Pets. The furry (or scaly!) family members we love so much, the creatures in our homes that do not speak our language but we've bonded with regardless. We buy them special food. We buy them special potty areas or...
The Mess Can Wait | Central Mass Mom

The Mess Can Wait

As moms, we're pretty hard on ourselves about cleaning and keeping things clean. Too many times I have heard (or admittedly, said myself), "Oh please don't mind the mess, the kids were *insert something here.*" It's always followed up...
  It’s 5:30 pm. You’ve had a long day, the kids are melting down, and everyone wants to know “what’s for dinner?” You’re staring at the fridge and there’s nothing to eat. And you think to yourself...cereal or take-out food?...

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5 Local Resources for Kids Activities

School is back in session and that means it is back to routines. Yay!!! I am the type of person who thrives on routines, having...

A Fall Day Out in Stow, MA

A Day Out in Maynard, MA

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