Marissa Fratoni

Marissa Fratoni lives in Leominster, Massachusetts with her loving home inspector husband Mark who owns Wachusett Home Inspection, LLC, their two beautiful little girls, a tuxedo kitty named Wylie, and a flock of backyard chickens. When Marissa is not having babies via empowered homebirth, breastfeeding on demand, and generally living the stay-at-home mom-life, she is a holistic registered nurse who specializes in maternal health and cannabinoid therapeutics. Marissa writes about all things health, wellness, motherhood, mindfulness, and cannabis. She also teaches yoga to pregnant ladies at Central Mass Yoga and Wellness in West Boylston, MA. Marissa’s published work, writings, personal healing journey, musings, and misadventures can be found on her blog, Marissa is excited to be a contributing writer for Central Mass Mom.
Empowered Pregnancy and Birth | Central Mass Mom

Embrace Your Power In Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

Pregnancy and birth are unparalleled life experiences. After nearly ten months of the adventure that is pregnancy, the time comes to meet the little person you've been incubating. It’s an exciting time for sure,...

Mindful Parenting For The Win

Mission Impossible: Monday Morning It’s 7am on Monday morning and you have to conquer the world before 5pm. You are motivated to complete your mission. However, the tiny humans you have created are determined to...

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