Liz Reinke

Liz was born in the Berkshires and has settled down in Holden where she lives with her husband Rob and two sons, Jacob and Lucas. Liz is a home-schooling mom, loves to garden and enjoys to read but quiet opportunities are few and far between these days. Liz is a Homecare RN but her true passion lies in wellness education. She will be launching her business, Evolving Into You, as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in the coming months. Clearly, Liz likes to stay busy as she is also a dry nail polish slinging leader with Color Street. She loves to connect with other moms and families over coffee and fruit cups.

Easy & Versatile Muffin Recipe

Muffins are a staple in my house. I need to make a double batch if I want them to last more than 2 hours (really, not exaggerating). Since I have to be gluten-free and...

Hold the Space :: It May Take Time But They Will Come

Hold the Space “Just hold the space. It will take time, but they will come.” This comment was in response to my concern about no one coming to a breastfeeding support group that I started...

Stay Healthy This Winter: 12 Ways to Keep Your Immune System in Check

The colder weather is here and with that, the thought (and dread) of winter illness. The sniffles. The fevers. The coughs. Maybe even some projectile body fluids. Reading this should prompt you to make...
Elections are a Family Affair | Central Mass Mom

Elections Are a Family Affair: How to Get Your Children Involved

Growing up, I knew that elections took place. I understood the basics as we were briefly taught about the voting process in school. Sadly, that was the extent of my education when it came...

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Two pink lines.  We were ecstatic. The decision to toss the pack of birth control pills in the trash and open our hearts to starting a family was exciting, and those two pink lines came...
Live Life | Central Mass Mom

Live Life on Your Own Terms and Leave Societal Pressure in the Dust

Flakey. Scattered. Radical. Neglectful. Intimidating.  That is just a handful of adjectives that have been used to (negatively) describe me over the years. These comments came from people who I will call my "Fan Club"....

Learning to Code with Code Wiz Westborough (+ Giveaway!)

“No thanks.” That was the response that Jacob, age 9, gave me when I told him he will be doing a five-day virtual coding camp. We had the opportunity to enroll him through Code Wiz’s...
Pet Loss | Central Mass Mom

Confessions of a Former Pet Hater: A Story of Pet Loss

The smell. The mess. The hair EVERYWHERE. Nagging the kids to keep the food and water dishes full. Having a dog was such a nuisance. In my eyes, it was more work - another...

Homeschooling in the Hot Seat

“Homeschooling Summit: Problems, Politics, and Prospects for Reform” is an invitation-only meeting slated for June and, so far, appears to be one-sided with an agenda against homeschooling. Shortly after the summit was announced, an article...
Earth Day | Central Mass Mom

Celebrating Earth Day Today and Everyday

“Jacob, please go open the garage door so I can start my car,” I asked my 8-year-old son.  “Why?”  “The car produces a gas that can make us sick if it stays in a closed space...

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