Laurelle Farrell

Laurelle Farrell is a wedding and portrait photographer behind AR Images in Marlborough MA. She also provides photographic and strategic social marketing and web solutions for various small businesses locally and across the country. Laurelle is the co-owner of Timeless Bridal Creations which provides alternative bouquets and decor for brides to be. Laurelle lives in Marlborough with her husband Jon, daughter Amelia and pups Taylor and Bella. When she isn’t chasing her toddler around she can usually be found snuggled up in fuzzy socks with a good book, or enjoying her favorite ice cream.
fathers days gift ideas, a father and two daughters laughing and smiling

Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

It happens to the most thoughtful of us! At a certain point, our husbands and the first men we ever loved simply do seem to have it all! Our homes begin overflowing with the...
a man and woman looking at a pregnancy test struggling with infertility, the space we hold

Infertility, The Space We Hold

Anyone who has been inside my home knows that our walls are laid out into little vignettes of artwork. A honeymoon souvenir here. A set of picture shelves there. No exact theme in many...
toddler looking with wonder at something outside

Getting Outside with Toddlers

It’s warm at last. We can stop looking for things to do indoors, but for many of us that may actually be harder. We have simply gotten used to building our schedules around colder...
Maybe your old jeans fit the new you, maybe they don't

Maybe Your Old Jeans Fit The New You, Maybe They Don’t

Postpartum bodies…nothing fits, right? The oddest thing is that some things absolutely do. And then some things are actually too big in the sea of things that are too small. We are told breastfeeding...
Valentine Tree

And So…We Have a Valentine Tree

If you have had the joy of Christmas with a toddler you know that it is MAGIC. And then it is suddenly over... Our daughter's intense love of the Christmas tree only added to this....
mother breastfeeding her toddler, preparing to wean

Preparing to Wean My Toddler

48 days…as I write this, I have 48 days until I had initially decided to begin weaning my daughter from nursing. I'm not sure if I will stick to that plan, but at that...
Green Drink in a glass coffee mug

Green Drink, But Let’s Make it Warm!

Many of us reach for extra coffee all day long trying to "mom". In truth, it can make our energy go up and down. We all know that crash can make us irritable and...

7 Expectations to Let Go of in Motherhood

Perfection and motherhood are so often showcased as going hand in hand. This is rarely actually the case. Here is a list of 7 expectations to let go of that you may have set...
7 Easy Montessori Concepts

7 Easy Montessori Concepts You Can Use at Home

Maybe you thought you’d be all in for Montessori and it didn’t work out. Maybe you never thought about it but need something new. Implementing all of these concepts can be a full-time job...
Homemade Baby Puffs | Central Mass Mom

Simple and Satisfying Homemade Baby Puffs

Announcements have begun to show that store-bought baby puffs may contain more than the recommended amount of arsenic. These statements can easily be disputed as even homegrown veggies can contain arsenic, but for those...

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