Kristina Tokatli

Kristina is a mom, wife, and sexuality & pleasure educator. She grew up in Spencer, and now resides in North Brookfield with her husband of 9 years, Paul, their two daughters (born in 2011 and 2012), and two cats, Smudge and Yoyo. Kristina has two “beside hustles” - working in a grocery store bakery decorating cakes, and talking to people about sexuality and pleasure. She loves doing her “edutaining” show at events like home parties, workshops, and Naughty Bingos, and she has recently started holding multi-vendor fundraising quarter auctions in central Mass. Kristina enjoys kayaking, crocheting, and crafting, and she loves connecting with other local parents. You can check out her site at ( 
I Just Can't | Central Mass Mom

Sometimes I Just…Can’t

Let me start with a quick recap of the past month or so: global pandemic, social distancing, school closures, layoffs/furloughs... This is not even an all-inclusive list - it has been eventful to say...
Disney without kids | Central Mass Mom

I’m Going to Disney…Without My Kids

This February, I'll be taking a 6-day vacation in Disney World with 3 of my closest friends while my husband is home with my kids. This scenario has been met with mixed reactions -...

More Than “A Talk” – Foundations for Sex Ed at Home

Everyone's experience with at-home sex education was different. Some people’s parents always encouraged open communication and were happy to answer questions, some refused to acknowledge the subject altogether, and then there are many scenarios...

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