Katie Denis

Katie Denis
Katie and her husband were both born and raised in Central MA.  They met in college and welcomed their first son in August 2019.  Katie works in the construction industry.  Her day-to-day involves walking a lot of job sites and reviewing architectural drawings. Katie loves her job, but is still navigating how to balance her role as a new mom in a male dominated industry. Outside of work, Katie enjoys being outdoors, baking, and gardening. Katie is trying to make sustainable choices as a mom and still has a lot to learn. She looks forward to sharing what she has learned so far with this community and can't wait to learn from you all as well! 
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Back to Work as a New Mom

I am lucky to be able to work part-time.  I am lucky that I got to take 12 weeks of maternity leave (mostly unpaid).  I am lucky (and a little bitter) that my husband...