Gina Metras

Gina was born and raised in Central Mass. She currently lives in Oxford with her Husband, Scott, and 2 children, Justin (2017) and Julia (2019). Gina works as the Community Services Supervisor for a non-profit Social Service Agency, and Is lucky to work a flexible schedule which allows her plenty of time for adventures with her kids. Gina loves live theater and has been involved with several community theaters over the years. Gina runs the Youth Theater Program for the local community theater and is very proud to say her kids love the spotlight! Gina also enjoys reading, singing, crafting, vacations down the Cape and spending time with her very large, extended family. Gina also volunteers for her church and the local Alzheimer’s Support Network. Gina is always up for trying new things!
Teaching Toddlers Gratitude title image - toddlers smiling in a pile of leaves

Teaching Toddlers Gratitude

“That’s Mine!” “I had it first!” “I want that NOW!” “NOOOOOO!” I’m a mom of 2 toddlers, and some days I wonder if they know any other words. It can seem impossible to teach...
Lessons in Parenting from a Christmas Pageant Title Image

Lessons in Parenting from a Christmas Pageant

I love live theater! I have been longing for the day that I could finally direct my kids in a Christmas pageant. That day finally arrived with Julia and Justin at the respectable ages...

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