Emily McDonald

Emily is originally from the MetroWest area but has been in Central Mass for about 15 years. She, first, was a dog mom who loved to travel with her Siberian Husky and Shiba Inu before she met her husband. Then, she settled down in a nice farm town and added two children to her pack. She enjoys traveling with her family and has a crazy hobby of collecting limited edition cloth diapers. When she is not home (or on an adventure) with her kids, she works as a paramedic and as a certified pediatric sleep consultant.
Crib to Big Kid Bed | Central Mass Mom

Transitioning from Crib to Big Kid Bed: When & How to Make the Move

Congratulations, your little one just turned one! They are officially a toddler. Time for a big kid bed! NOPE! Don't ditch that crib yet. My advice? Stay in that crib for as long as...
Adult nap | Central Mass Mom

Going from Zero to One Nap: The Adult Nap Transition

Okay, while this isn’t really a thing, and not ALL adults need a nap on a regular basis, let’s talk about it. I know there are some days where I know I’m not going...
Travel Sleep | Central Mass Mom

Rest on the Road: Sleep Tips for Traveling with Kids

Vacations and travel are going to be a bit different for a lot of families this year. With travel restrictions and many avoiding air travel, there might be some long-distance car rides in your...
Sleep Regression | Central Mass Mom

Developmental Milestones and Their Effect on Sleep

Everyone has heard about sleep regressions. But what if I told you that sleep regressions are anything but a regression? Regressions are a “return to a former or lesser developed state” (Oxford). That cannot...
Toddler Boundaries at Bedtime | Central Mass Mom

Navigating Toddler Boundaries at Bedtime

Toddlers have a lot going on as they try to navigate the world. Creating boundaries is important to help teach them self-discipline, keep them safe and healthy, and can help with coping.  In regards to...
Child in Car Seat | Central Mass Mom

How to Properly Secure Your Child in the Car Seat

Disclaimer: I am not a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST), however I am well versed in car seat safety. When in doubt, check with a local certified CPST! Fun fact: In the Commonwealth of...
Car Naps | Central Mass Mom

Car Naps: Does the Reward Outweigh the Risk?

Disclaimer: I am not a certified CPST however I am very well versed in car seats. When asked if car naps are SAFE, the short answer is NO. Sometimes, we don’t have control over...

Reducing Potential for Toxic Stress

I have to say that looking back on my childhood, I had it pretty good. I had two wonderful loving parents. They may not have been perfect, but no one really is. They may...

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