Cyndi Johnson

Cyndi was born and raised in Central Mass. She has moved around numerous times, but always ends up back in the same town and on the same street (this is the third time she’s lived on her current road)! Before kids, Cyndi was an avid runner and hiker, a personal trainer, an instructor of group fitness, aerial arts, pole fitness, and yoga, as well as a fitness/ nutrition class. Once having her son Luka (2016), she worked a “regular” job before leaving to welcome her daughter Bodhi (2019) and become a stay-at-home Mom. Cyndi has since gone back to school to be a Nurse Midwife, and has returned to more serious running, adding ultramarathoner to her repertoire. She enjoys more strenuous hikes with friends, but often brings her kids on shorter hikes as well, either alone or with friends. The entire family enjoys going tent-camping in the mountains a few times a year- her kids have been camping every year of their lives! If you’re looking for Cyndi, you’ll find her outside somewhere!
a messy living room with toys and items all over the place

My House Is a Mess

Would you readily admit that your house is a mess? Only if someone else says it first? Well here I am, I'll admit it first: my house is a mess. And I don't mean...
mother cuddling with daughter, parenting advice

Parenting Advice You Didn’t Ask For, But Didn’t Know You Wanted

Parenting Advice. Ask for it. Don't ask for it. Either way, you will get it. A lot of it. We all know that we need to sleep when the baby sleeps, right? But do we...
woman reading a parenting book smiling

Parenting Books for The Parent Who is Sick of Parenting Books

Parenting books. Love them or hate them, there are more than I can count on 2 hands about every stage of a child's life, from the beginning of pregnancy all the way to the...

I Still Don’t Know What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

I think I'm an adult. The date on my license says I am. It says I am old enough to vote (I do!), I am old enough to rent a car, and I am even...
Homeschool Preschool

I Am Homeschooling Preschool and I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

I really mean it, I have no idea what I am doing. Multiple people have asked me if I was ever a preschool teacher or if I have a degree in early childhood education, but...
this is 2020

This is 2020 and We’re All In This Together

As I write this, it’s a day past when this is due. When I get this in, it may even be a day later because I cannot for the life of me remember my...

Dare I Say It? I’m Not A Fan of Summer!

I hate summer. I know, I know, the horror. How dare I speak such words! I know everyone is always so excited about summer - the weather, the sun, the beach trips, the vacations,...

Small Pets and Small Children – Can They Co-exist?

Pets. The furry (or scaly!) family members we love so much, the creatures in our homes that do not speak our language but we've bonded with regardless. We buy them special food. We buy...
The Mess Can Wait | Central Mass Mom

The Mess Can Wait

As moms, we're pretty hard on ourselves about cleaning and keeping things clean. Too many times I have heard (or admittedly, said myself), "Oh please don't mind the mess, the kids were *insert something...
Mom Nap | Central Mass Mom

Give Yourself Permission to Take a Nap

Naps. As an adult, they are glorious. 22 and had a “rough” weekend? Nap! 24 and working 2 jobs but have a day off? Nap! 27 and have the flu? Nap! Cranky at any...

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