Christine McShane

Christine is a writer and photographer and the owner of Christine McShane Creative. When she's not creating content for clients or shuttling around her active children, you’ll find her at the beach, curled up with a good book, taking photos of random things, or indulging her coffee and chocolate addictions. Never without a camera, Christine has trained her family to just smile for the picture, because no matter what, "this picture is happening."
Busy Mom Planning Made Easy ByPlan Simple

From Surviving to Thriving: Preparing a Family Plan this Fall

  It’s been a long road for families this year, with plenty of change and chaos. With schools announcing their remote and hybrid learning plans, mothers everywhere are wondering how to balance schooling, meal planning,...
Traveling with Autism | Central Mass Mom

Traveling with Autism: 5 Tips for Successful Family Vacations

According to the CDC, the rates of autism diagnoses have been steadily rising in the past fifteen years.  Autism touches so many families - both children and their parents. With the wide variety of...
Middle School Screentime | Central Mass Mom

Screen Time Struggles: 3 Tips for Managing your Middle Schooler this Summer

It’s the first few days of summer, and already the tug of war over screen time is beginning. This has always been a struggle, but with the cancellation of camps and other youth activities,...
Meal Planning Lisa Dahl | Central Mass Mom

Busy Mom Meal Planning in 4 Easy Steps

  It’s 5:30 pm. You’ve had a long day, the kids are melting down, and everyone wants to know “what’s for dinner?” You’re staring at the fridge and there’s nothing to eat. And you think...

Awkward Amounts of Time? Use the “5 Minute Queue”

As any parent will tell you...if you have an active family, free time is at a premium. Now more than ever, families are constantly on the go.  It’s no wonder there are so many...

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