Brittany Lanphear

Brittany and her husband, Harry, met during their freshman year of college in Worcester and fell in love with Central Massachusetts. A lot of things changed quickly once they graduated from college. They were married in 2017, had their first child in 2018, recently bought their first house, and baby #2 is on the way. Having grown up in Connecticut and Maine the couple wanted to create a home in New England not far from their families. Brittany spent three years after college in her lifelong passion, teaching. She was a third-grade teacher and now implements her teacher mindset while staying home with her son. Brittany loves meeting moms in the area, taking her son on adventures outside, and exploring local parks and libraries. She believes resources for new moms are a must and she is excited to be a contributing writer for Central Mass Mom.
Woman asking for help

Asking for Help When You Don’t Like Asking for Help

Happy 2022! You made it! The holidays are over. The pressure to wrap all the presents, see all the lights, and make all the food is gone. Now is the time to take a...
a couples hands clasped over two glasses of wine. title reads tips for dating your spouse.

Tips for Dating Your Spouse

Parenting is hard work. Preparing breakfast, chasing around a toddler to get dressed, loading the kids into and out of the car, cleaning up the living room floor for the twentieth time, folding laundry,...
5 local resources for kids activities

5 Local Resources for Kids Activities

School is back in session and that means it is back to routines. Yay!!! I am the type of person who thrives on routines, having places to go and things to do makes my week...
Postpartum Anxiety | Central Mass Mom

Postpartum Anxiety: Questioning “Normal” as a New Mom

What is "Normal"? Two and a half years ago, I held my newborn son in my arms and I remember that immediate feeling of pure love and joy. After nine months and 13 hours of...
planning for the holidays while expecting

Planning for the Holidays While Expecting a Baby

I am expecting baby #2 this month and I knew our typical last-minute wrapping Christmas presents was not going to work for us this year. Given the stress of this year already, I know...

Focusing on the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving in 2020

We're focusing on the "Thanks" in Thanksgiving this year. A friend shared with me an idea to write down what our family is thankful for on a pumpkin. Focusing on gratitude every day has been...

Processing Big Emotions Together: A Toddler and Very Pregnant Mom

Processing Big Emotions Together Only three months left in this crazy year. Routines have been disrupted, plans have been changed, and life looks different now than it did six months ago. To say 2020 has...
Gratitude Practice | Central Mass Mom

Gratitude Practice: Finding the Good when Motherhood Gets Hard

During my first year of teaching, I wanted to decrease the negativity I heard from my fourth graders. I thought by counteracting the negative with more positive we could change the culture of our...
Perceptions of Motherhood | Central Mass Mom

Childhood Perceptions of Motherhood

What if motherhood doesn't look like what you thought it should? We all grew up in a specific family structure. I believe we unconsciously, or consciously, carry over those beliefs from childhood about what motherhood...
Comparison | Central Mass Mom

When Comparison Overtakes the Joy of Motherhood

When my husband and I left the hospital with our beautiful baby boy nobody snuck us a guide of what we should do next. Fast forward almost two years and we still have no...

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