Bethany Jensen

Bethany was born and raised in central Mass but spent about 5 years in Amish Country, Pennsylvania from the ages 3-9. Bethany has worked in the Autism Community for the last 10 years in many different capacities - teachers aid to ABA therapist and most recently finds herself as an Autism Waiver Broker at the Autism Resource Center in Worcester. She and her family love music! Her husband is in a Christian Rock Band that performs all over Massachusetts called, “Faith’s Road.” Bethany sometimes lends her voice to background vocals and her son anxiously awaits the day he’s old enough to join as well! Bethany is a lifelong hockey fan who grew up in the ice rink watching her dad play every Sunday and is also an absolute Boston Bruins Fanatic!
Modern Mom | Central Mass Mom

The Struggles of Being a Mom in the Modern Era

I see you, Mama. I see you taking a deep breath in the middle of the aisle with a full cart of groceries while your toddler throws an epic tantrum. You’re trying to...
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A Letter to the Friend Who Didn’t Follow Me into Motherhood

Dearest former best friend, I remember so fondly all the time we spent together, the adventures, the life lessons, the exes, the nights out and the promises we made. We promised always to be friends,...

Grieving the Loss of a Parent: A New Mom’s Retrospective

On December 31st, 2016 I went to bed thinking that I had it all as the year was coming to a close. My six-week-old son was sleeping soundly, a wonderful husband who provided for...

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