Autumn Hotaling

Autumn grew up in the suburbs of Boston and moved to Central MA in 2014. Autumn and her husband James got married in 2013 and they welcomed their first child, Owen in October 2019. Autumn loves to travel and is always planning her next trip. She has two cats named Opie and Tig. Autumn loves to bake and try new recipes in the kitchen. She enjoys craft and home improvement projects and is known for taking on too much (like painting her kitchen cabinets at 7months pregnant). Autumn and her family now live in Shrewsbury and she is thrilled to show Owen all the amazing things in Central MA!
Local Libraries Roundup Title Image

Local Libraries Roundup!

I love a free activity and one of the best resources in every town are the libraries. They are contained places for you to go solo with your kids or schedule a play date...
tips for road tripping with a toddler

Tips for Road Tripping With a Toddler

After the COVID travel hiatus, our family was able to take a few local weekends away. It was nice to visit some familiar places in New England and make memories with our son there....
mom comforting screaming child

You’re Doing a Good Job, Even When It Doesn’t Feel Like It

I was recently at a work event, a fundraising walk for a charity. I was working in the registration area and from across the venue I heard a child screaming and crying. The screams...
Fall Activities for Younger Toddlers Title Image

Fall Activities for Younger Toddlers

My name is Autumn, and yes I'm writing about Autumn themed crafts to do with kiddos. For the lifetime of comments, teasing, and punny jokes made about my name, I have learned to embrace...
Dear Maternity Leave | Central Mass Mom

Dear Maternity Leave

{This piece was written pre-pandemic. While daily life looks different than it did back in February, the sentiment of this post still hits home to those of us who have experienced the end of...
Plus Size Pregnancy | Central Mass Mom

Plus-Size Pregnancy and Postpartum

I have had weight issues most of my life and have struggled with eating disorders since high school. After years of gaining, losing, and regaining weight, I have only recently realized that my self...
Optimism in April | Central Mass Mom

The Optimism That Comes With April

March 2020 was the longest month in world history. It started out hopeful after a mild winter but ended slowly with the weight of fear, uncertainty, and concern. We're adjusting to new roles as...
Pandemic Anxiety | Central Mass Mom

Managing Anxiety During a Global Pandemic 

There's a lot of chaos going on right now.  A tumultuous election, uncertain economy, and then layer in the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus on top of everyday life. People are panicking and it's hard...
Give a Mom a Minute | Central Mass Mom

If You Give a Mom a Minute: Tips for Time Management

The baby is napping so the mom has a few minutes. She’ll take a shower, but she thinks she should run the laundry first. While she changes the laundry, she’ll clean the lint filter. She...
Breaking Up with Breastfeeding | Central Mass Mom

Breaking Up With Breastfeeding

While I was pregnant and someone would ask if I was planning to breastfeed, I’d say, "I’m fine with supplementing if I need to, but I’m going to try breastfeeding." Since I wanted to...

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