Autumn Hotaling

Autumn Hotaling
Autumn grew up in the suburbs of Boston and moved to Central MA in 2014. Autumn and her husband James got married in 2013 and they welcomed their first child, Owen in October 2019. Autumn loves to travel and is always planning her next trip. She has two cats named Opie and Tig. Autumn loves to bake and try new recipes in the kitchen. She enjoys craft and home improvement projects and is known for taking on too much (like painting her kitchen cabinets at 7months pregnant). Autumn and her family now live in Shrewsbury and she is thrilled to show Owen all the amazing things in Central MA!
Breaking Up with Breastfeeding | Central Mass Mom

Breaking Up With Breastfeeding

While I was pregnant and someone would ask if I was planning to breastfeed, I’d say, "I’m fine with supplementing if I need to, but I’m going to try breastfeeding." Since I wanted to...

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I am a somewhat functioning adult with an incredible ability to worry and overthink things. I am a fairly confident individual with a healthy dose of social anxiety. If my best friend doesn’t text...