Autumn Hotaling

Autumn grew up in the suburbs of Boston and moved to Central MA in 2014. Autumn and her husband James got married in 2013. Autumn is a mom of two, Owen and Molly. Autumn loves to travel and is always planning her next trip. She has two cats named Opie and Tig. Autumn loves to bake and try new recipes in the kitchen. She enjoys craft and home improvement projects and is known for taking on too much (like painting her kitchen cabinets at 7months pregnant). Autumn and her family now live in Shrewsbury.

What I Didn’t Expect About Having a Second Child

Expecting a child always comes with unsolicited advice. Especially on how to help the older child adjust to the new addition of a baby. I was told about 1-on-1 time, how to avoid other...

Managing The Chaos at Home

I have two kids, two cats, and a husband, and we both have full-time jobs. My house has gone from lived in, to complete chaos and clutter. I try to remind myself that one...
toddler sitting on an airplane watching an ipad and holding a toy airplane - tips for going on vacation with a toddler

Tips for Going on Vacation with a Toddler!

My husband and I love to travel and before our son was born, we’d take a few trips a year and try to pack as much into our trips as possible. When our son...
hollywood hotel in hollywood studios at walt disney world florida

Going to Disney World with a 2 Year Old

We recently took a family trip to Florida and last minute added a few days in Disney World. I wasn't sure about going to Disney World with a 2 year old. I was worried...
siblings sitting in a park


I am the baby of my family with three older brothers. The age differences are 13 years, 8 years and 3 years between each of them and me. Growing up, our house was always...
toddler digging in the dirt

Spring Activities for Toddlers!

If you are looking for fun Spring Activities for toddlers, then this post is for you. I've rounded up some great ways to pass an afternoon and keep everyone smiling while you do it! Yard...
toddler inspecting vegetables

Feeding a Toddler is No Picnic

Toddlers are known to be picky eaters. Mealtime in our house is far from the ideal image of a family smiling at the dinner table. I’m pretty sure my son only ate red grapes...
Local Libraries Roundup Title Image

Local Libraries Roundup!

I love a free activity and one of the best resources in every town are the libraries. They are contained places for you to go solo with your kids or schedule a play date...
tips for road tripping with a toddler

Tips for Road Tripping With a Toddler

After the COVID travel hiatus, our family was able to take a few local weekends away. It was nice to visit some familiar places in New England and make memories with our son there....
mom comforting screaming child

You’re Doing a Good Job, Even When It Doesn’t Feel Like It

I was recently at a work event, a fundraising walk for a charity. I was working in the registration area and from across the venue I heard a child screaming and crying. The screams...