Annie O'Malley

Annie is the current owner of Central Mass Mom and has spent almost her entire life living in Central Mass, with the exception of a 4 year stint in Iowa for college. She now lives in Concord with her husband and 1 year old daughter. She is co-founder of Goal Girl Finance, which runs personal finance courses aimed at empowering women to make educated financial decisions. She loves getting involved in local community activities, and has enjoyed showing her daughter the area in which they live. Annie is a huge cheerleader for mom groups and feels passionately that we need to lean on each other to not only survive, but thrive.
Low Milk Supply | Central Mass Mom

The Emotional Struggle with Low Milk Supply

As a pregnant woman today, you get asked about a thousand times how you plan to feed your baby. "Are you planning to breastfeed?" is a question that gets tossed around without much thought....
Letter to Mom | Central Mass Mom

A Letter to My Mom on My First Mother’s Day

This year, I made you a grandmother. You’re welcome. Seeing you with her has been so much fun. Although your youngest child is now 32, I guess holding a baby is like riding a...
Gestational Diabetes | Central Mass Mom

My Experience Having Gestational Diabetes

Up until I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, my pregnancy was pretty unremarkable. I went to all the standard appointments and everything always looked "good", "normal", or however the clinicians wanted things to be. I...
Traveling with Baby | Central Mass Mom

Tips for Flying with a Baby

I recently flew with my 4-month old daughter for the first time. Alone. Admittedly, I wasn't flying blind (pun intended) going into this trip. In addition to learning some things on my own, I received...

My Experience Joining a New Moms Group

This is a story for all the new moms or soon to be moms who don’t think a new moms group is for them. Whether or not you think it’s for you, I urge...

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