7 Tips For Healthy, Glowy Skin


Recently, a former colleague of mine reached out asking how I was able to get “glowy and radiant skin as a full-time working mom.” I paused at her unexpected statement. Me? My skin? I looked over at my vanity to see which products I applied daily and thought over the various skincare routines I kept up with. Care for me to share?

Below are my top 7 tips for healthy, glowing skin.

1. Keep the makeup to a minimum

Even before working remotely, I wore very little makeup. I never liked the way it felt or how I would have to perfect it throughout the day (a bold lip color never stands a chance, haha).

Having a very natural, dewy face just feels fresher to me, and it also means clearer pores, less time washing my face at night and hello, everyone’s favorite, money saved. If you’re not the makeup-free type (and believe me, I get it), then try going a day or two with a bare face/minimal makeup on the weekends so your skin can breathe and rest.

2. Always, always wash your face at night

Whether you shower at night or not, I think it’s a must to thoroughly wash your face. Literally rinsing away the day feels heavenly. If I’m not using a gentle cleanser, I’ll just use warm water on a washcloth and gently wipe and dab my face until any residue is gone.

We all have the occasional late night where we go to bed with a face full of makeup or those racoon eyes, but I would make it a point to cleanse your entire face and neck before you snooze.

3. Sunscreen for the win!

You’ve heard it before. Too much sun is not the best for your face (or entire body for that matter). Lather on a layer of good quality sunscreen before heading out for the day. There are many moisturizers or tinted moisturizers with sunscreen mixed in, so that’s always a great option/one less step. I really like the way Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen feels on my face. It goes on super smooth and there’s no sticky feel whatsoever.

4. Mask it up

No, not that kind of mask! 😷 A rejuvenating facial mask. You know, the kind that requires you to lay down and stay put for a good 10-15 minutes. Ah yes.

I’m a big fan of a weekend mask. Once the kid(s) are down for the night, grab a glass of your favorite drink, put on your mask and kick back. It feels so luxurious. There are roll-on masks sold at Sephora that are mess-free and smell really yummy.

5. Buy a night serum

I love a good nighttime skincare routine. It gets me in the mood for sleep and makes my skin feel buttery soft. Plus, knowing that my face has 7-8 hours of complete restoration allows any product I apply time to soak in and do its job.

I’ve been loving Pure Haven’s Refresh Night Serum with Probiotics. The smell is divine and the rich oils spread so gently from my fingertips to my face. I sleep even more soundly knowing an all-natural product is covering my face.

6. Get help with the glow

Some people are just naturally glowy. We all know one or two of those lucky ducks, right? I’m not sure I would ever say, “I woke up like this.” 😆

One of my new favorite products is the Saie Glowy Super Gel. I put it on right after my daily moisturizer and see an immediate brightening to my face. It’s very subtle, appearing dewy and light. Perhaps it could be your new “Oh crap, I’ve got a Zoom call in five” savior!

7. Eat well and rest, rest, rest

Yeah, yeahhhhh, we know… eat nutrient-rich foods and get solid shut eye. No, but really. Do that!

When I’ve been eating not-so-great or losing out on restful sleep, I can totally see it all over my face. My skin looks and feels more dull, and the bags under my eyes pop. Healthy food and quality sleep will do wonders for your face. Even just adding some more veggies and fruits to your plate or trying to power down for the day an extra 30-60 minutes earlier will benefit you in small but powerful ways.

Getting that glow starts small, but as every girl knows, there are plenty of tricks we can sneak in. 😉 I’m hoping these small but mighty ones give your natural beauty an extra perk today.


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